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When life is being an arse, it’s difficult to remember that some time soon you’ll look back on your circumstances and smile that you survived them – or maybe smile at how nice they really were, through the rose-tinted lenses of hindsight.

I found being on Erasmus a really, really tough experience. I missed home, I missed friends and family, I missed my involvements, I missed my missus. I made some amazing friends over there – or more accurately, better friends of ones I already had – but the whole thing was a massive emotional drain.

Nonetheless, as I said, hindsight is a pretty brilliant thing. Four of the five of us – plus one of the Welsh – are going back to Munich for four days today, joining up with the fifth who actually lives out there now.

Just a message to bear in mind. Things get better. Time heals things. Just keep plugging away and eventually you’ll gain the ability to look back with a wry smile, smiling at the challenges overcome and relish the challenge of taking it that one, final, step further.

As I said, I’ll be away til Friday night but I’ll be trying to get stuff up on a daily basis nonetheless. Take care of yourselves.