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Announcing: Dublin Twook Club

In a slightly-scheduled interruption to regular service, a quick plug for the missus [1]‘s new social venture.

Dublin Twook Club is, well, on the face of it, mostly self-explanatory. It’s based in Dublin – well, actually, specifically in @119leesonstreet [2] – and it’s a book club, organised over Twitter! Thus, Twook Club! (I had suggested ‘Page 119’ but someone had taken the Twitter username.)

It’s a fun, social, and informal monthly get-together to gather round with a drink or two and chat about, well, books, plus inevitably whatever else is tickling your fancy now. Monthly meet-ups will be in our gaff, the aforementioned 119, and co-ordinated through the @DublinTwookClub [3] Twitter account and through the blog Ciara’s set up for the purpose, at http://dublintwookclub.wordpress.com/ [4] (where hopefully I’ll have some sort of sign-up mechanism later on).

Importantly, though, we’re not restricting this to Twitter users, so we’d appreciate if you’d spread the word – just click http://short.ie/TwookClubRT [5] to retweet the message. There’s honestly no limit to the membership so tell anyone who might be interested.

So… go get started. Tweet your suggestions on what the first book we cover should be to the @DublinTwookClub [3] Twitter account, and keep an eye on the DublinTwookClub blog [4] – and of course the Twitter – for more details.