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Blue Monday

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It seemed to be a little more low profile this year than previously, but today was Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing date of the year.

The depressingness of any particular day is measured on the basis of:

  • weather conditions
  • debt level (the difference between debt accumulated and our ability to pay)
  • time since Christmas
  • time since failing our new year’s resolutions
  • low motivational levels
  • feeling of a need to take action

Not the greatest day to wake up after your second semester in college has started, then? Certainly not. I managed to set my alarm for 7.45pm and not 7.45am, waking up at 9.10am for a 9am class.

It seemed that while I was away last week, the entire country slid into hypernegativity mode. Prime Time broadcast shows with scores of young people unable to get a job, the country went apeshit when the Government took control of a toxic bank, and the Irish people totally just went belly-up in dealing with the recession. A new year was coming and life wasn’t getting any better.

Well, I propose to you, Ireland, that you draw your line in the sand today, and tomorrow, you get up to a day where the sun will shine that little bit longer, where Dubya is off the radar, and where you pull your socks up and do that little bit extra for yourself that you know will pay off in the longer run.

Tomorrow’s a day for much-vaunted Change. If you gave up a New Year’s Resolution, take it up again tomorrow. Forget the mass market psychology of needing a date on the calendar to effect the change – tomorrow is a brighter date, so do it tomorrow.

Usually as a person I find it difficult to be in the company of negative people. They drain me; I get tiresome and itchy listening to moaning – about joblessness, the Irish attitude to alcohol, the weather, or whatever you’re having yourself. Tonight I had the grim realisation that over the last while I’ve myself become a little like this. So, because I can, I’ll change.

Ireland, frankly, get the f**k on with it. As Damien said, f**k the recession. Tomorrow I’m going off to make my own chances.

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January 19th, 2009 at 11:58 pm

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