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MCD, Part 2: AC/DC’s Highway To Hell

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The story just trundles on. AC/DC played Punchestown last night – in a gig that seems to have been sold out since Jesus was knee-high to a grasshopper – and somehow MCD manage to cock up the bus situation again.

Peter blogs over on

The problem? It baffles me how it existed. I don’t know how it took a bus almost 4 hours to get ***near*** Punchestown. I then walked ran approximately 3 kilometres along with so many others who had missed the entire support acts [plural], afraid we would miss ACDC as well. So at least I got to see ACDC you say….? Yes that still remains. And always will. Never mind the 20 minutes Q to get a pint of beer.

Whatever about the 20-minute queue – I missed almost the entire Prodigy hour-long set at Slane in the queue – it’s good to see that MCD are keeping up traditions by learning from none of their mistakes. Thank Christ I’m not going to Oxegen.

Edit: Adding a link to the thread on the subject. Hasn’t quite reached the gargantual proportion of the Slane thread but that’s not to say it still won’t…

Edit 2: Ian Healy also has his two cents.

Written by Gav

June 29th, 2009 at 12:38 pm